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Have your own personal and professional hairstylist. I offer salon services at much cheaper prices, along with a more intimate and personal experience. A range of hair styling, hair up, cuts and colouring techniques, aswell as perming are all available at an affordable price. Bridal and Wedding hair is also a service I can provide for your special day. 

First impressions often make the best impressions. Whether you are attending a party, a wedding, a christening, an interview or you are just off to work, we all like to look our best. Most of us need some external help in the form of hairdressers to help recreate and achieve the look you desire. The sun, the cold and the wind, as well as pollution are all outside elements that take their toll on our hair. Who doesn't like to be pampered for a few hours away from our busy stressful lives. You choose the days/evenings and times that best suit you.

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